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I create accessible programs to take the guesswork out of your fitness plan. Enjoy a balanced variety of kettlebell training, mobility and yoga classes.  


I know kettlebell training can feel intimidating. My simple and welcoming approach means everyone can enjoy the benefits of strength training.

Discover the magic of a kettlebell.

Follow along with this short video to create a mock kettlebell. Feel for yourself how having a weight behind you guides your alignment, posture, and strength response.


Nervous because you've never done strength training before? 


I get it. When we picture strength training it's easy to feel intimidated and overwhelmed, but that's why I built Kettlebell Wellness! Try my free "Staying in your Success Zone" mini-course. You'll be comforted to find out how fun and achievable my classes and programs are while improving your mobility, strength, and posture. 



Meet Karen 

StrongFirst Kettlebell (SFG I)
Egoscue Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS I)
Master of Music (MMUS)

Infused with the mindfulness and awareness that I've developed from a dedicated yoga practice, 1000 + Yoga Teacher Training Hours (Ashtanga, the Art of Mysore, the Art of Exploration, the Art of Hands-On Adjustments), Functional Movement Level II certification, and movement exploration with cutting-edge influences such as Fighting Monkey Movement Research, Infinite Play, StrongFirst bodyweight training, Flexible Steel certification, Agatsu Mobility Training and most recently, Egoscue Postural Alignment Specialization, the kettlebell is my preferred fitness tool because it combines my passion for mindful movement with the benefits of strength training.

Through kettlebell training, which came after my start with CanFit Pro in the early days, I've helped hundreds of individuals improve their strength, cardiovascular fitness, postural health, movement patterns, and general well-being. I'm passionate about taking the sinister out of strength training and encouraging everyone to reap the benefits of a balanced practice. As a professional Classical Violist for over 20 years, I specialize in empowering musicians to find their strength, dissolve their pain, and transform their relationship with movement.


Beginner workouts and programs are designed for those who are new to kettlebell training, or for those who want to update their foundations. Special care is taken to introduce kettlebell skills with and without an actual kettlebell.


Intermediate workouts and programs are designed for those who are familiar with kettlebell-based movements such as the kettlebell swing and the Turkish Get-Up. Kettlebells are required and more skills can be learned in this section!


Advanced workouts and programs are designed for those who are familiar with all six of the kettlebell-based movements: the swing, the snatch, the clean, the press, the squat, and the Turkish Get-Up. Double-bell workouts can be found here! 

What can you expect from a Kettlebell Wellness class?

Kettlebell Wellness is all about staying in your success zone, whether it's strength training, mobility training, or restorative yoga. As you gain more experience you will learn why having a few kettlebells will assist your progress. But you don't need to have kettlebells to get started! 


Recover from your strength training with gentle movement in restorative + flow yoga classes, posture classes, and mobility classes.


While strength training with kettlebells is our primary tool, there are plenty of bodyweight workouts to add variety to your week!


Using a kettlebell takes practice! Gradually develop your repertoire of kettlebell techniques to keep your body moving well and staying strong.

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Find everything you need to develop your simple home strength routine inside the library of over 100 videos. Want a yin yoga class, a posture alignment session, some foam rolling, or a variety day? Sign up for the membership and enjoy unlimited classes all year long. Complement your lifestyle by providing yourself with home training that you will use to prepare for your life goals and adventures.


Today for the first time ever I was able to get our canoe from the ground onto my shoulders for portaging completely unassisted. This is seriously the best thing ever!!! Hooray for new strength and stability! - Jen (Kettlebell Wellness member since 2020)



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Marie Holdner - age 65

These kettlebell classes have helped me immensely! I am feeling stronger all the time and am no longer concerned about loosing muscle mass as I age. Strength training fits well into my life. And with so much variety on your website, there is always a video I can do, whatever mood I am in that day! In fact almost every day I go into your website and participate in a video. Recently I have been doing the "Impress yourself" program. Loving it! Thank you for helping in this journey of physical and mental aging!

Pauline Tutkaluke - age 52 

I'm so passionate about my kettlebell practice. It is my favourite strength and conditioning tool that is so versatile it can be done anywhere. With changes in my programming I found myself without an expert resource to turn to for guidance. When I found Karen's program I was so thrilled. Her programming challenges all levels with strong, safe, and clear direction. She makes it fun! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a workout to keep yourself fit so you can enjoy life with strength at any age.

Allene - age 38

My Kettlebell Wellness membership has been such a benefit to my mental and physical health. I began my kettlebell education when my second child was 1 year old and I hadn't been physically active for quite some time and was feeling like I might never be again. Karen's "Learn to Kettlebell" and "Road to Kettlebell" were amazing for a beginner like me - I feel like I have a very strong technical foundation, even though I've never had an in-person session! Karen's teaching style is methodical and thoughtful, she has an intuitive approach to offering prompts during movements, even the familiar ones, and her positivity and focus on mobility and strength have benefitted my entire relationship with strength-building exercise. I have never enjoyed working out at home before, but now I'm hooked! 

Suhashini - age 41

I've been a Kettlebell Wellness member for several months now. I've found it to be a valuable resource for refining as well as building kettlebell skills from scratch. I've enjoyed the variety of classes available on the website, which include yoga, mobility and other kettlebell-free classes. I especially like the flexibility of being able to choose any class I want, or follow one of several multi-week programs that Karen has curated. Karen's quality of instruction and attention to detail in her foundational classes is something I especially appreciate. They are packed with great information and are worth revisiting over and over again!

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