The magic of a kettlebell!

Oct 14, 2021

Strength training is something that improves our confidence, optimizes our fitness, and builds bone density and muscle function. And in order to strength train, we need to lift heavy objects to receive these benefits! So what better way to equip yourself for your fitness future, than to purchase kettlebells. However, you may be wondering whether or not they are worth the investment.

This video will help you learn how weight gives you feedback about your postural alignment helping you know where to position your joints, which muscle groups should be feeling stimulated, and how much weight is appropriate. Ultimately, you want to be using a weight that isn't too heavy, but isn't too light either. A weight that is "just right" is one that challenges you after a short amount of time, or few number of repetitions. 

Follow along with me to experiment with a bag, that will mimic the ergonomics of a kettlebell, giving you a good idea of how a kettlebell is a little bit different than a dumbbell or a barbell. It's something that you can hold in a suitcase carry, a front rack carry, and an overhead carry while guiding you into position instead of the opposite! Give this a try with any bag or purse you can find at home, and weight that you think you can hold overhead for about 1 minute! If you feel the effects of the weight in all 3 positions, you can imagine a similar effect with a cast iron kettlebell. 

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Learn how to strength train according to your own perceived exertion scale! No kettlebells needed! 

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