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Aug 26, 2022
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Over the past year I have been returning to a teaching format I never had a crystal clear vision for. Online LIVE Zoom classes were not something I gravitated to in the early days of the pandemic, and nor were they something I opted for until a year and half later when things had calmed down, and when in-person classes were beginning again. I had developed my online video library in April of 2019 — well before the reality of online learning became a normal part of our world. And I felt grateful that I had already created 150 classes that were in my on-line video library. I didn’t feel a pull toward teaching LIVE kettlebell classes while others were scrambling to move in-person classes to the Zoom format.


Last September, however, when I moved back to Toronto, I started to desire real-time conversations, communication, and connection with community. I decided to start a “Kettlebell Skills Club” where we could dive into our kettlebell technique 1x/week. I thought I would try out this whole Zoom Live Group Class thing! Sure, I have been seeing 1:1 clients over Zoom since 2015, but group classes were a whole different ball game. And so, Kettlebell Skills Club was born.


Once I got the hang of teaching a larger group of kettlebellers via demonstration and video coaching, I started to see new possibilities. And more so, those who showed up started to see new possibilities! Together, we developed mutual interest in growing our on-line kettlebell community. In January 2022, “Steady Strength” became a LIVE ZOOM reality, and became one of my favourite group classes to teach! We worked on the fundamental human movements: pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting, locomotion and rotation. We used our kettlebells, and we got creative with bodyweight strength training. At the end of each session, wins were shared, and concepts were explored.

That class ran from January until March 31st, 2022, and then I took another break from teaching LIVE classes. But at the last minute this past summer, I decided to run my “Six Weeks to Super Strong” program in REAL TIME (it was one of my original programs in my Kettlebell Wellness Video Library!). And again, for another six weeks, a wonderful group formed. Highlights included carrying close to our bodyweight, safely, confidently and comfortably pressing heavy kettlebells post-surgery, and feeling stronger than ever - enough to add downhill skiing back to the list of adventurous pursuits we feel capable of and ready for!


And so now it’s time to make these ZOOM LIVE KETTLEBELL CLASSES a regular part of Kettlebell Wellness offerings. It’s clear to me that we all need community support when we have decided to commit to strength training. It makes sense to me that kettlebell strength training works best when it’s done consistently, and with some group support and connection. It reassures me when I see women of all ages and stages using kettlebells to challenge themselves, get stronger, and prevent decline in muscle mass, bone density, strength, and posture. I love seeing my “kettlebellers” lift heavy things, surprise themselves with their strength, and keep fit for all of the other adventures they want to continue to explore AS they age!

“Zoom has enabled a group of like minded individuals, from all over the world, to meet each other and form a community. I am so thankful that I discovered Kettlebells, they will keep me strong and fit as I age. I am pleased with my level of fitness and I know that using Kettlebells will keep me in the shape I want to be in. There are so many things I like to do, that require a good level of fitness. I look forward to the next session of kettlebell classes on Zoom. Thank you Karen for all you do for us.” - Marie, age 66

This fall and winter I have decided to name my weekly kettlebell classes “Kettlebell Strength Club”. I went back and forth on this, but in the end realized that we are ALWAYS working on Skills, and Strength Building is a continuum. There need not be one specific end goal with kettlebell strength training, rather, a mutual goal to support each other in challenging ourselves, expanding our capabilities, and optimizing the efficiency with which we get stronger and stay strong together. The pre-registered classes will be 3x/week on MWF at 12 noon EST, with a few breaks along the way so that you can catch-up when things get busy. They start on Sept.19th and run until Dec.21st (no drop-ins once registration is closed, BUT stay tuned for a LIVE Q+A on Tuesday August 30th if you have questions about Kettlebell Strength Club and want more details).

Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on your chance to be a part of LIVE classes and this Kettlebell Club, because you won’t be able to join again until January! I know it’s a big commitment, but that’s the POINT! That you are committed to your strength training and have motivation to show up 3x/week, however you feel on a given day. The replay recordings are inside a neat and tidy video library portal and will ensure that you stay on-track with missed classes. OR, the recordings can replace the LIVE classes entirely!!! (Read below for one person’s experience - showing us that you can feel part of this awesome group, whether or not you can be there LIVE right now).

“I’m totally enjoying the whole program. I like that the warmups are consistent, so as to remember them when I am on my own. I just finished the Friday heavy hold/overhead press/swings...such a great class. I like the recordings because it really fits into my life! Great job. I feel stronger!! And what a great bunch of super strong women!!! - Tracey, age 57 - Replay Recordings and KBWellness community member

So save the date: Tuesday August 30th at 12 noon EST (Replay Recording available if you can’t make that time - just submit your questions beforehand).

Then gear up for Kettlebell Strength Club Sept. 19th-Dec.21st. You DON’T want to miss out on being a part of this awesome group!! Even if it is via the replay recordings, I promise that it will make your kettlebell strength training come alive! You won’t regret JOINING THE CLUB!! And you won’t regret getting IN on this group this fall + winter, to ensure your continued progress all the way until Dec 21st, 2022. *The next LIVE class series starts in January 2023, so don’t miss this chance!

"Just wanted to let you know that one of the great things I got from the last six weeks is that it doesn’t have to be a big deal to do a little work with the bells. I just spontaneously did three sets of 6 shoulder presses, three sets of 10 swings and six Turkish getups in normal clothes because I felt like it. Not a full workout by any means, but makes me feel better just to stay in touch with the exercises. So thanks for breaking down a few of my barriers and here’s to staying fit!" - S.B.


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Karen Moffatt, Personal Trainer
StrongFirst SFG I Kettlebell Instructor

With a Master of Music in viola performance, you might not expect Karen to have become a personal trainer. But fitness has always been her secret passion. Since 2012 she has dedicated her career to teaching yoga, fitness classes, and coaching private students. She holds many certifications; her StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor course the most impactful and influential to date. Functional Movement, Agatsu Upper Body Mobility, Yoga Teacher Training, StrongFirst Bodyweight, Ground Force Method, and Flexible Steel are among her many hours of study, practice, and training. Karen has a passion and natural curiousity for movement of all forms and wants to share her love for simple home strength training with the world.



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