The kettlebell question I get asked the most!

Sep 19, 2022

Ever since I started coaching kettlebells, there has always been one question that comes up the MOST! And it's not what you might guess. Or perhaps you did, and have this question yourself....

What size kettlebell should I use?

Yup, you guessed it, kettlebells come in all shapes and sizes, but which ones to start with and which ones to use for YOUR movement practice, are of pressing concern!

This is why I have an entire website page dedicated to this all-important question! First you need to know that you need a MOBILITY sized kettlebell for your warm-ups and drills, and then you need to know that we use different sized kettlebells for different movements!!

While I'd love to give you a simple and easy answer, you just can't get away with having just ONE kettlebell for ALL of your movements!!. Think overhead presses vs kettlebell swings...eek...I certainly wouldn't want to train with the same weight for both of those movements!

Then you need to know that once you start training, your nervous system will adapt to the weight you use most frequently, but you will still have days when you are LITERALLY stronger than others - even after years of strength training! One day a heavy kettlebell will feel LIGHT, and another, a light kettlebell will feel HEAVY!!

And this is why we can't get fixated on the weight we are using. Just like nature, we need to ebb and flow with the daily changes we experience. How did you sleep last night, what did you eat, and how much stress are you carrying? Do you have an injury you are recovering from, and do you have experience with a particular kettlebell movement?

ALL of these factors will influence which weight you need to use for a particular skill, on a particular day. And this, my friends, is why it's SO GREAT to be a part of LIVE CLASSES where I work with you in REAL-TIME! You will discover that every day is a new opportunity for discovery, growth, and surprizing yourself!!

So whether you've been using kettlebells for a long time now, or if you are completely new to kettlebell training, you will ALWAYS be doing something that one of our LIVE class members so aptly stated this summer in our Six Weeks to Super Strong program: "we're always guessing and correcting!" And she is absolutely right! One day we'll be pressing an 8kg kettlebell overhead with ease and grace, and the next, we'll be using that same kettlebell for what feels like a super heavy front rack kettlebell carry. It all depends on what you need most on any given day.

If you'd like to get started on your kettlebell journey, or if you are ready to dive-in a deeper with LIVE CLASSES, please reach out! I can't wait to help you figure out what you can do with the kettlebell sizes you currently have available!  

But until next time...keep strong, kettlebell on!  -Karen



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