Client Feature!

Mar 14, 2023

Back in August of 2022, someone very special came into my life.

It was someone who found me exclusively through an online search, which is very seldom the case for me, even with my online video membership! 

Sure, I have 75 people currently using my Video Library and many of you I haven’t met before. But this person was seeking something deeper than class content at the time.

You see, she’s an accomplished Race Walker who has been Race Walking for over 30 years! And through this sport, she has uncovered and discovered many things about herself, her posture, her breathing, and her movement pattern.

Working with someone who has a dedicated fitness practice, who has invested in her health and wellness, and who is open-minded about making changes to the way she approaches movement, has been a dream. Elizabeth came to me looking for a new perspective, new ideas, and new insight and was willing to listenexplore, and investigate.

In our first session together, she had read all about my background in Yoga, Kettlebell training, Postural Alignment training and multiple movement and mobility modalities, and she knew that I was not a one-trick pony. She knew that there was more than meets the eye to improving her Race Walking timesFEELING good while doing it, and understanding why it might or might not be supportive to continue the sport into her 80s. She also was willing to see that there is more to wellness than physical fitness itself and that mediation and a restorative practice might have taken a back seat in her overall fitness and wellness picture.

After 24 sessions together over the course of 6 months, Elizabeth has truly transformed. You’ll see it in the smile on her face in her “after” posture photos, you’ll feel it in her testimonial.


Top: August 6th, 2022
Postural Alignment Photos
Bottom: Feb.21st, 2023
Postural Alignment Photos


Look at how naturally Elizabeth aligns in her posture, how relaxed she is, and how much easier it is for her to move and breathe more efficiently! She always told me that she could see it in other Race Walkers when they move less gracefully. Well, these photos show you just what she was talking about - ease and grace of movement due to posture that supports it! As a result, her race times have naturally improved, and she can do e-cises that were once nearly impossible effortlessly now! She’s feeling her butt and back muscles engaging now, and she’s doing things like climbing up hills with less effort, more efficiently, and with a sense of calm she’s never had before!



Elizabeth M – December 15/2022


My work with Karen has been life changing. I am a senior woman and Karen has shown me that you are never too old to improve your health and quality of life. 

I am dealing with spinal alignment and posture issues that Karen has helped me to address and improve. Even my husband has commented how different I walk now and how much straighter and relaxed I look. With Karen’s guidance, my exercise is more comfortable, pleasant, and effective.

Karen is a joy to work with. She is kind, positive, encouraging, and gentle. Karen values your input to the exercise sessions and never pushes you too hard. I am so impressed at how she emphasizes body awareness and proper movement patterns.

Karen is very accomplished and knowledgeable about strength and movement practices. She is also the only woman I found who teaches kettlebell classes. I am so thankful that she offers Zoom classes because I live too far away to meet with her in person.

I feel so fortunate to have found Karen and I look forward to continuing to improve my health and fitness through her guidance.



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