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Guide to choosing your ideal weights

4 different kettlebell sizes are recommended:

1 for mobility and warmup (mobility-sized)
1 for overhead pressing (light)
1 for carries and swings (medium)
1 for deadlifts and heavy squats (heavy) 

Mobility Bells

A mobility-sized bell will help you tremendously in your warmup and mobility work. Mobility sized bells range from 4kg-10kgs, depending on your experience and what you are using them for. A 6kg bell is the most common mobility-sized bell.

Light Bells

Used for overhead carries, presses, and slow TGU's. You will want to have a light kettlebell for days when you are working on your movement patterns and to gently progress your overhead posture and stability. Start with 8kgs and build upwards toward 16kgs or more for your upper body movements. 

Medium Bells

Suitcase carries, front rack carries, squats, and one-arm swings all require a medium weight bell. Medium sized bells range from 10kgs all the way up to 24kgs for many people. This will change day-to-day, and month-to-month! But it's likely that you'll stay within this range and will want to return to your medium choices often!

Heavy Bells

Think deadlifts, heavy swings, heavy squats, heavy carries. Loaded with a kettlebell that ranges from 20kgs-48kgs, your cardiovascular system will thank you for the efficiency! If you are over 60 years of age and under 120lbs, you will benefit from a 20kg bell or even heavier with a little practice! 

What is light and what is heavy? 

The exact same weight will feel heavy one day and light the next because your nervous system is constantly adapting to the stressors you put on it. There is, however, a range of weights that you will be comfortable using for various purposes. It's either too heavy, too light, or just right! 

Single Kettlebells

Wanting to start slow or add to your kettlebells? Purchasing single weights allows you to gradually begin or level up if you already have a package and want to increase your collection. Weights range from 4kg-48kg and go up in 2-4kg increments to make it easier to discover when a weight is too heavy, too light, or just right!

The 'Simple Challenge' inside the Beginner section will help you discover exactly which kettlebells you need.

Ease into Kettlebell Training

If you're new to kettlebell training, recovering from an injury, or getting back into exercise after taking time off, a couple of lighter weights and a couple of medium weights will be the perfect introduction to kettlebell training. Learn your movement patterns with a mobility-sized bell, and make sure to have one that will give you appropriate feedback in your deadlift practice (the strongest movement in the human body). Ease into strength training and build your foundation with kettlebells ranging from 4kg-20kgs.

If you are still unsure, start with the 'Simple Challenge' inside this membership before you purchase kettlebells. 

Level Up

If you have experience with strength training you'll know that it's time to increase the weight of your kettlebells. Make sure you have a lighter weight for mobility work, warmups, and overhead presses.  Then a medium weight to progress your TGU's, carries, swings and snatches. A heavy kettlebell approximately half of your own bodyweight is highly recommended for lower body movements such as the deadlift, squats, heavy two-handed kettlebell swings, and carries. A wider selection of weights will give you more flexibility to use lighter weights on light days, and challenging weights on harder training days. A range of bells from 6kg-24kg will be put to good use over a lifetime. 

Complete the 6 "How To" videos in the Intermediate section before you decide which kettlebells you need! 

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