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New to Kettlebell Wellness? Take advantage of this introductory offer that will help you kickstart your wellness journey. This offer includes a 75 minute postural alignment assessment and three one-on-one align + strengthen sessions. It's the perfect way to begin, re-start or continue your journey towards feeling more aligned, stronger, and more confident in your home movement practice. Achieve your fitness goals in a safe, efficient and effective manner, and set yourself up for a life without limitations. 

75 minute Postural Alignment Assessment

Feel more aligned in your body. Before you start looking to gain strength, it's important to ensure that your posture condition is addressed. This will not only help you avoid potential injuries, but will also allow you to maximize your strength gains in the future.

Three One-on-One Sessions

These sessions are an introduction to Postural Alignment as it applies to strength training. You will discover your Posture Type and learn how to gently correct habits that you have developed throughout your lifetime. You will upgrade your awareness surrounding your movement practice and learn how to elevate your strength training and fitness routine. These sessions can be in-person or over Zoom. They are typically 75-90min in length depending on your needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tammi H.

I have been working with Karen for over three years now, and the work we do has changed my life. I have become stronger, less prone to injury, and recently, we have been tackling postural alignment due to my chronic pain (which was worsening.) I am very happy to report that six weeks later, the pain has so greatly reduced that days go by without a twinge.

Her kettlebell work is thoughtful, purposeful, tricky (in that you will build strength and not even know it sometimes!), challenging, varied and interesting. Her postural alignment work should be covered by insurance plans, it has been so much more beneficial to me than any orthopedic, chiropractic or physiotherapy work I have ever tried!

Her video library is an invaluable resource, her classes are inspiring (strong women doing strong things!) and her 1 on 1's are completely worth the investment.

This review may sound like she is too good to be true, and the fact of the matter is ... she is! I am so thankful I injured myself all those years ago, and decided to take the leap of faith to learn how to strength train with her. From there, so many positive things have happened to me as a result. And will continue to happen!

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