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Looking for more guidance on your Kettlebell Wellness program or wanting individualized attention on your kettlebell skills, strength training or postural alignment? 

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Moving, Learning & Healing for Life with the Egoscue Method


Postural Alignment Therapy is a vitamin that might be lacking in your movement diet, no matter how fit you are. 

I see it as filling a missing piece of the puzzle towards body empowerment, that many fitness programs don't address. 

It's all too common for clients to come to me wanting to strength train, only to discover that they have pre-existing injuries and imbalances that interfere with any progress we can make.

First and foremost, we need to address the postural imbalances that have developed through repetitive habits. This is non-negotiable. If we override these postural deviations, we are doing you and your body a disservice. 

Through regular posture assessments, we can uncover the root cause of your chronic pain or discomfort. Then we can create a menu of e-cises (gentle, daily exercises) that address the postural imbalances causing these symptoms, and work together to correct them! 

This will set you up for success in strength training over the long term, with the goal of aging gracefully in mind.

I am passionate about working together with you, educating you, and helping you implement a daily routine that is doable, effective, and corrective! 

By restoring your natural design posture through a simple daily routine, you will create balance in your body, which means that you can learn to make strength and cardiovascular training pain-free. My goal is to help you live a life full of the activities you love to do and to open the doors of opportunity, rather than close them around you. 

Book yourself in for your FREE Posture Alignment Assessment with me, Karen Moffatt, Egoscue Method Posture Alignment Specialist, to begin your journey to moving optimally, for life! 

I am confident that I can help you live an active life without fear of injuring yourself over and over again.

Life is for living, and doing all of the things on your bucket list. I want to make that increasingly possible for you! 

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