Kettlebell Strength Lab

These LIVE Small Group Zoom classes will occur at noon (EST) on the three last Fridays of every month. Additionally, there will be 1 pre-recorded class included each month along with 1:1 coaching through Whatsapp.

Classes will be 75min in length to allow ample time for a complete warm-up and cool-down. 

What we'll cover this year:

  • How to integrate your KB skills into your overall movement practice.
  • How to program your own strength training schedule.
  • When and how to rest and recover.
  • How to improve walking patterns and sports related endeavours such as swimming efficiency. 
  • How to gain the strength to do things like carry your own canoe over your head, feel ready for ski season, or successfully prepare for the West Coast Trail! 
  • Discover what matters most in your kettlebell practice.
  • Be inspired, encouraged, and supported by a friendly and welcoming community!
* Receive 1:1 support through WhatsApp 
* Find supplemental videos inside your course to support your weekly routine
* Access to the entire archive of KB Strength Lab class content! 
* Small Group format allows for attention to details, 1:1 feedback and interaction.
* Free downloadable Kajabi app for your Smartphone or iPhone that includes your entire video library! 
* Pause your monthly membership at any time!
Ensure that you are elevating your fitness goals through expert instruction from a dedicated and skilled strength and posture coach. 
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