This season, build and maintain your strength and fitness with the 6 StrongFirst fundamental kettlebell skills! 

The Steady Strength Club will encompass three weekly classes, including SWING into Mondays, imPRESS yourself Wednesdays, and TGU it's Friday!

Pick and choose between the 15, 30, or 45 classes package.

The 15 classes = 1 Live Class/Week
The 30 classes = 2 Live Classes/Week
The 45 classes = 3 Live Classes/Week

The Steady Strength Club Video Library can also be purchased separately. All 45 classes for the price of 15 classes.

Realized you should've purchased more classes after starting Steady Strength Club? No worries, we will have Replenisher Class Packages avaiaible.

Want to ensure these classes are for you? 

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15 Classes - 1 Live/Week


30 Classes - 2 Live/Week


45 Classes - 3 Live/Week


Swing into Mondays

Dates: Sept.4th - Dec.18th 2023
Time: Mondays 1:30-2:30 pm ET
Class Duration: 60 min
Investment: $339 for 15 classes (tax inclusive)

This regular class will keep your hip hinge in check! We will review our deadlift regularly, and, week to week, we will play with all of the kettlebell swing variations available to us (one-arm, two-arm, heavy, light, high pull, snatch, squat to swing, etc.) There will always be an option to deadlift instead of a kettlebell swing, and the aim will be to hit our 10 x 10 swings every Monday to give ourselves an effective dose of cardiovascular fitness each week.

A mobilizing and aligning warm-up and a restorative cool-down will always be included in these 60-minute classes that will begin and end on time.

imPRESS yourself Wednesdays

Dates: Sept. 6th- Dec. 20th
Time: Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 pm ET
Class Duration: 60 min
Investment: $339 for 15 classes (tax inclusive) or $621.50 for this class plus one other in the STEADY STRENGTH CLUB BUNDLE.

This regular class will focus on overhead pressing, the kettlebell “clean,” and the squat. With regular attention to this movement, heavier kettlebells will become easier to press overhead! Practicing and utilizing the kettlebell clean will become more familiar, and heavier and heavier weights will become effortless. The front rack squat will be a portion of these classes to complete the clean, press, and squat day, creating a balanced strength training session to maintain and improve these essential movements.

A mobilizing and aligning warm-up and a restorative cool-down will always be included in these 60 min classes that will begin and end on time.

TGU it's Friday!

Dates: Sept. 8th - Dec.22nd
Time: Fridays 3:00-4:00 pm ET
Class Duration: 60 min
Investment: $339 for 15 classes (tax incl) or $904 for all 3 classes in the STEADY STRENGTH CLUB bundle.

Every Friday, we will work on aspects of the Turkish Get-Up (TGU) and will aim to do 5x TGUs on each side each week. The TGU is one of the most efficient and effective movements in the fitness world for building balance, coordination, and overall strength! Ensure you are attended to your strength through this movement, and there will be a “what the hell” effect on your overall fitness life!

A mobilizing and aligning warm-up and a restorative cool-down will always be included in these 60 min classes that will begin and end on time.

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More information about the Steady Strength Club:

  • Kajabi App is available on your smartphone to take classes with you everywhere you go. Kettlebells required.
  • Sign-up for the On-Demand Video Library to familiarize yourself with these 5 movements and which kettlebells to use before the classes begin! (Learn to SWING, SQUAT, SNATCH CLEAN, PRESS, and TGU in the on-demand video library anytime you are ready!).
  • Access to all 3 class replay recordings comes with purchasing any of these individual classes. 
  • Kettlebell Strength Lab will continue as a 90-minute class on Fridays at 12-1:30 PM ET but will be sold separately from the Kettlebell Strength Club classes.

Join the club and watch your strength, mobility, and overall fitness improve over the course of the fall and winter!

Kettlebell Strength Lab

These LIVE Small Group Zoom classes are held on Fridays every week.

Kettlebell Strength LAB classes will be 80 min in length to allow ample time for a complete warm-up and cool-down. 

What we'll cover this year:

  • How to integrate your KB skills into your overall movement practice.
  • How to program your own strength training schedule.
  • When and how to rest and recover.
  • How to improve walking patterns and sports related endeavours such as swimming efficiency. 
  • How to gain the strength to do things like carry your own canoe over your head, feel ready for ski season, or successfully prepare for the West Coast Trail! 
  • Discover what matters most in your kettlebell practice.
  • Be inspired, encouraged, and supported by a friendly and welcoming community!
* Access to the entire archive of KB Strength Lab class content! 
* Small Group format allows for attention to details, 1:1 feedback and interaction.
* Free downloadable Kajabi app for your Smartphone or iPhone that includes your entire video library! 
* Pause your monthly membership at any time!
Ensure that you are elevating your fitness goals through expert instruction from a dedicated and skilled strength and posture coach. 
More details here